Exploring the Outer Rim at Candlestick Park in the Upper Deck


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These are various photographs of the upper rim of Candlestick Park. As I was browsing my various Candlestick Park photos, I realized I had some interesting perspectives of the top row.

I was roaming around the top row of seats at the stadium and took these pictures from different locations. I enjoyed my solitude as I moved quickly around the seats trying to shoot as many pictures as I could. I was limited, since this was before digital cameras, and I was using film.

I loved being on the top row since the view was fantastic. You could see San Bruno Mountain and the hill in Bay View Park behind the football press box. Also I enjoyed looking down to see the field and the lower rows of seats.

My one regret for these photos is that I did not have an ultra wide angle lens. I used a 28 mm wide angle lens. If I had an ultra wide angle lens, then I could have taken more of the stadium in one shot. In my first shot, I would have been able to get the full stadium with a wider angle lens. My shots above were cut off due to the limitation of my wide angle lens.

But I did not know that one day Candlestick Park would be demolished. The lesson I learned is to make sure to take lots of photographs of places and people you love. Life is like a vapor and people, things, and places change or are gone. So take lots of pictures to keep the important moments. I’m glad I preserved Candlestick Park in my photographs.


Who was the biggest Free Agent to sign with the SF Giants?


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The answer is one of baseball’s all time great, Barry Bonds. I took this photograph at Pacific Bell Park during Fuji Photo Day.

Barry Bonds signed with the Giants in 1992. The Giants were still playing at Candlestick Park. He was playing with the Pittsburg Pirates before becoming a free agent. He was the most sought after free agent available in 1992. He signed a record 6 year $43.75 million deal. The deal was orchestrated by Peter Magowan. He became the highest-paid player in baseball history. Barry Bonds played for the Giants for 15 years.

Barry Bonds played left field at Candlestick Park. Al Michaels, the ABC broadcaster for Monday night football, stated left field at Candlestick Park was one of the most expensive piece of real estate in any sports stadium during a 49’ers game in 1992. Al was referencing the large contract paid to Barry Bonds who would play in left field (the north end zone) of Candlestick Park for the 1993 season.

Here’s info about Barry Bond’s deal with the Giants

I was thinking about the Barry Bonds deal as the Giants are contemplating signing huge free agent Bryce Harper. Let’s see where Bryce Harper signs.

What Lights and Sounds do you Remember from Candlestick Park?


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I remember going to SF Giants night games and being impressed by the bright stadium lights that turn the darkness into the light of day to a certain extent at Candlestick Park. When I arrived early before the game started and before the crowd and stadium music were in full affect, I could hear the buzzing sounds created by the stadium lights. It was a pretty cool sound. It was not too loud, but was noticeable. The buzzing sound of the bright lights is one of my significant good memories of Candlestick Park.

I am not sure how many fans noticed this sound from the bright lights. During a game, you could not notice this sound because of the cheering crowds and the stadium music.

I love the photograph with all these old lights group together behind the gate. I spotted these lights as Candlestick Park was being demolished. I wish I knew if they kept these lights in storage or were they all disposed.

Why did I love this buzzing noise of the lights? As a photographer, I have always enjoyed lights. I photographed images from night lights throughout the city for a college project. I am a stickler for having enough lights throughout our home. I guess I associate the buzzing with the brilliance and spotlight effect of these lights. It reminds me these lights were powerful and could show us the details of the evening games.

Bright lights reveal what is going on in the darkness. The right lighting makes all the difference in a good or bad photo. We need more light in our life to see more clearly our weaknesses and to reveal how we can do things better. I would like to hear that buzzing again to signify the revealing lights are on again. What sound would you like to hear to remind you of a significant part of you life?

Remember Matthew’s Top of the Hill Daly City at Candlestick Park?


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Do you remember the Sony JumboTron at Candlestick Park? The 2nd picture shows the JumboTron in the perspective of the baseball field. The JumboTron was sandwiched between 2 advertisement areas and to the right of scoreboard and announcements.

I enjoyed seeing the San Francisco skyline on the JumboTron. Also there was the bottom advertisement of the old electronics store – Matthew’s which was located on the top of the hill in Daly City.

We all heard Matthew’s advertisements on the radio. I remember hearing their constant ads on the old radio station – KFRC. Their slogan – Matthew’s – Top of the hill Daly City was drilled into our memories.

Matthew’s business has been gone for a while. But I’m glad I have these photographs to remind me about their famous slogan.

I occasionally tweet #PhotosRemember. We take lots of photographs with our cellphones now. We collect so many photos now – Do we even have time to look at them all? Find a few photos that remind you of something special. Try to find some place to display your memorable photos. Switch your photographs around every few months to enjoy different memories.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to post these Candlestick Park memories. Memories can easily fade. Enjoying old photos and sharing our stories will help us treasure these memories so much more.

Do you remember the last On-Field Photo Day at Candlestick Park?


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These photographs were shot on the last On-Field Photo Day at Candlestick Park in April 24, 1999. This was the last year the SF Giants played at Candlestick Park. They played the Colorado Rockies and won 8-4. Shawn Estes got the win, and Pedro Astacio got the loss.

I loved these Photo Days at Candlestick Park. I arrived at least 2 hours before game time. It was one of the few times fans were allowed on the field. I always love the opportunity to be on a real baseball field. I got goosebumps walking on the perfect field and to be able to touch the grass. The field was so perfect and almost seemed like it was AstroTurf. I would try to shoot quickly to maximize the number of photographs I could take of this event. This was during the time when I was shooting with my Canon SLR camera which used 35mm film.

I went to this last Photo Day event with 2-3 friends. My friend’s son really found the field comfortable, as he enjoyed his nap on the field. The weather was perfect and warm. The little toddler was tired, and got his rest before the game started. I always had a good time at Candlestick Park with my friends.

Candlestick Park was a great place to watch the SF Giants with friends. We always had the best time at Candlestick Park!

The Wonders of Disneyland in December with the Pixel 3


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Disneyland is wonderful in the evening. It is especially festive during the Christmas season. This is our second time visiting Disneyland during December. We loved “It’s a Small World” and “Main Street” colorful lights.

This was the first time we rode “Guardians of the Galaxy” at California Adventure. We do not normally ride “drop” rides. I can get a little motion sickness on certain rides. But our friend encouraged us to try the ride and assured us the drops are not big. She was right. It turned out to be a fun ride once we got accustomed to the drops and holding on to our seats.

The exterior of the Guardian of the Galaxy is also great with its lights.

My wife has the Pixel 3, and I have the Pixel 3XL. I took the photos with both cameras. I did not use the “Night Sight” feature nor did I need to use any flash. If I took a picture on “Main Street” featuring our friends, then I would need a flash to show them in front of the scene.

I was very impressed with these night photos using our new Pixel 3 cameras. I also enjoyed the many great features in the camera. The camera so far has lived up to my expectations.

Please note – I did not use “Photoshop” to improve these photographs. The Pixel 3 camera performed as expected in giving these great night shots.

Stay tuned to see my evaluation of the “Night Sight” feature.

Cal Poly Pomona Broncos vs the SF State Gators


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We went to watch my cousin’s son play basketball against the SF State Gators last fall. I photographed his team last season play against the Gators. It was great to watch the players and see their improvement.

I was especially excited to photograph this game, since I just received my new Pixel 3XL. I was impressed by the specs on this camera and was anxious to test out the camera. I decided to bring my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera to test it against my Pixel 3XL camera.

The photographs from the Pixel 3XL were good, but I could not zoom in as close compared to my Canon camera. Also I could not freeze the action as well using the Pixel. I was able to adjust the ISO setting much higher on my Canon camera to freeze the action with less light in the gym. The next time I would like to test the Night Sight feature to see if the action shots are better. In these pictures, it was in the evening inside the gym, so the lighting was not bright enough to freeze the action for the Pixel 3XL. If I was outdoors in the sunshine, I am sure the Pixel 3XL would do well freezing the sports action shots.

Compare my photographs to see how you like the photographs from the 2 different cameras. I will continue to test out my Pixel 3XL and blog about my results. I do believe the Pixel 3XL has a great camera within the phone and is very portable. But there are limitations to its performance.

Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber at Disney World


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A couple of years ago, we went to Disney World. We went to the Star Wars Launch Bay. As usual, I took lots of pictures of the different Star Wars memorabilia. Here are more photographs of Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber. I don’t know if this is the same one I photographed last month at Disneyland.

I took these photographs with my Canon camera. These photographs are a little grainy compared to yesterday’s blog post. I took these photographs using a older DSLR camera.

In yesterday’s post, I used my Pixel 3XL camera. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was excited to buy this new Pixel last fall since I read how great the camera is. In this circumstance, the Pixel 3XL took better photographs than a few years ago using my older Canon camera. The Pixel 3XL camera has a lot of great features and take good pictures under low light situations without a flash. I was pretty impressed with these photographs at Disneyland.

Does this mean I should give up using my different Canon Digital SLR? No, of course not. There are times my Canon camera will take better photographs than using my Pixel camera and visa versa.

Stay tuned….I will post photographs from my Canon camera which look better than using my Pixel. So is there a preference on using the Pixel or the Canon camera? The answer is…it depends.

Menacing Lightsaber


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Here’s more photos from Star Wars Launchbay at Disneyland featuring Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber.

It is interesting how it is a Crossguard lightsaber meaning the blades are vented from the primary central blade. So the blades are vented out at the top and on the sides.

The lightsabers used by the Star Wars’ heroes are generally shiny and polished. But Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is rough around the edges with the wires exposed. It is not a sleek looking weapon. Is this a reflection of the character of its owner?

I like to spend time examining photos to see the detail as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. Why is Kylo Ren’s lightsaber so unfinished in looks? He created it from an ancient design and contains a cracked Kyber crystal. This accounts for the crossguard appearance and it’s power.

Kylo Ren created this lightsaber with the intent to destroy others. He struck down Lor San Tekka and his father, Han Solo. But Rey almost struck him down even though her Jedi skills were just budding. She was of a pure heart versus his darkness.

This is a good lesson of hope that good triumphs over evil. I will always be a “sucker” that good will be victorious over evil.

If you are interested in more Star Wars trivia, please see the links below.

Keep Photos that teach.

Kylo Ren info from Starwars.fandom.com

Kylo Ren Lightsaber info from Starwars.fandom.com

What is the Fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy at Disneyland?


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It is the Millennium Falcon at the Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland. I enjoyed shooting photographs at different angles of this Y-1300 Light Freighter.

I am not sure if this model is the actually movie model or not.
The display does not specify. Nevertheless, I like the detail in the model which is why I took multiple photos to show this. It is nice how the model is suspended in the show case.

Below is an interesting link of trivia about the Millennium Falcon – The link is to Starwars.wikia.com

Legend/Canon facts about the Millennium Falcon

I am a Sci-Fi junkie. I can spend hours watching Star Wars movies, reading trivia, looking at model drawings, and shooting anything Star Wars.

The details seen in the Star Wars series is proof that “Details Matter”. Often in life, we want to live life vicariously and spontaneously. But we may find out without planning, we could find ourselves in dilemmas if we do not plan. Details are important to consider to avoid problems and stress. Details also make a difference in appearances. The Millennium Falcon is proof that “Details Matter’.