Getting Ready for the SF Giants at Oracle Park?


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It is really interesting and fun to watch the meticulous work the grounds crew performs before, during, and after games. These photos were shot last year. Unfortunately, I cannot observe any current preparations at Oracle Park if the SF Giants are actually going to play 2020 season baseball with our current stay at home orders. We all hope we can see baseball soon at Oracle Park.

Observing how meticulously the white lines are marked on the field to define the boundaries reminds me of their necessity. These days we are practicing social distancing. People are tense if someone gets in their space, to the point of coughing, screaming and other wrong behaviors.  As in baseball, the boundaries define if the ball hit is fair or foul. The marks around home plate defines the batter’s box for left and right handed hitters as well as the where the catcher is suppose to field their position when a pitcher pitches.  Boundaries can define our success or failures.

Watching the spraying of the field is cool too. It is nice to see the dirt on the field wet to provide better play-ability. The dirt’s saturation of water can determine if a batted ball bounces more or not. It also has a factor when the players are running or sliding into a base. The moisture weighs down the dirt, so there is less dust flying.

Interesting article about a groundskeeper’s experiences on watering dirt

Keeping the dirt wet is not just on the surface but also through the surface as mentioned in the article link above.

Baseball is played in accordance to the boundaries, moist dirt ground, and well groomed field makes for an enjoyable game experience. The players can enjoy playing the game they love. The fans can enjoy any ground balls speeding out into the field or as the runners advance around the bases.

Kudos to the ground keepers who orchestrate the maintenance of the baseball fields, so we can enjoy baseball.

We need to respect our physical boundaries in our COVID-19 environment. The demonstration of selfish or self-righteous behavior in relation to social distancing or not wearing a facial mask is disturbing. Our current pandemic situation is alarming, but is there a way each of us can play a part to make our circumstances better for everyone?

Can we be “ground keepers” to allow for a winning game in our pandemic dilemma?

Photos make us ponder our circumstances!

Imagine Social Distancing at Oracle Park in 2020?


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Sorry, there is no current announcement about any San Francisco Giants fans being physically present at Oracle Park. 

Instead, fans who hold season tickets can send their image which will be placed on a cutout to display is the stands. Fans who do not have season tickets can pay $99 to display their cutout image in the stands.

ESPN Article about Plans to display SF Giants Fans pictures in the stands

This photo is not a current year picture at Oracle Park with individuals exercising social distancing. I shot this photo last year before a game, so there are fewer people in the stadium. But this photo is an eerie prediction of what it could look like if we have to social distance to watch the SF Giants play.

I do not plan to pay $99 to display a cardboard version of myself in the stands, even with the waterproof protection.

I do not need to feel as if my presence is in Oracle Park. 

I do need to experience the fun and the agony of watching the SF Giants play.

It will be interesting to see how many cardboard images will be propped up at Oracle Park. It will be a strange display of die hard fans who are mourning their loss of being at a live game.

But of course 2020 will be known as a strange and difficult year as we wait for the demise of COVID-19.

This picture is helping me to prepare for our future if we will be practicing social distancing while watching the SF Giants.

We never know how a photo could depict a future scenario and scene.

Photos predict possibilities.

Imagining the SF Giants at an Empty Oracle Park


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I enjoy shooting photographs of empty baseball stadiums. Here’s Oracle Park in San Francisco before a game. Too bad we cannot go into the Oracle Park now to wander around an empty stadium.

Oracle Park is ideally situated in front of the San Francisco Bay to provide a wonderful view.

An empty stadium has always been a refuge for me to wander around in. My goal is to find unique vantage spots to see the stadium in different angles. I quickly seek to walk all over the stadium and shoot as much as I can before the fans arrive.

A photographer needs to study the object he seeking to capture.

When I was in school, I was not good at doing my homework nor studying. No matter how hard I tried, it was always a struggle for me in school. I kept trying to figure out what I would be my expertise in school and later in college. The subjects I loved did not really translate to my school curriculum.

I discovered my love for photography during trips to China. These trips occurred before digital cameras. I took many pictures with a lot of rolls of film. I’m thankful for these trips since it led me to complete my college education at the Academy of Art in San Francisco where I earned a degree in Fine Art Photography.

I learned that it pays to keep seeking out your passions. I am still learning that studying the subjects which I love to shoot photos should not stop. Rather, a good photographer needs to keep shooting to capture that unusual and interesting shot to make the audience go “Ahhh”!

As I look at this empty Oracle Park, it is preparing me to hopefully be able to watch the SF Giants playing on the fields with these empty seats.

It will definitely not be the same without hearing the cheers, and instead just hearing the plays.

Photos Prepare our Expectations.


When will there be Baseball in 2020


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O'Doul Gate near McCovey Cove

I shot this photograph of Oracle Park about a year ago as I was going to watch a SF Giants game. Little did I realize that this baseball stadium would be closed for these past months of the 2020 Baseball season.

Latest info from CBS Sports on Opening Day for 2020 Baseball

Major League Baseball announced a 60-game season to begin July 23 or 24 with spring (really summer) training to begin on July 1.

Even with this new announcement, I am not convinced about the actual date for Opening Day.

In California, the news indicates cases of the Coronvirus are still rising. We have not reached a clear plateau or even a consistent decline in the cases. So I do not feel confident about exactly how the baseball season will play out.

I do not feel confident about much these days. I do not know if I should socialize physically with friends with social distancing. My family has not gathered for Mother’s or Father’s Day. We are just meeting via video chats.

Gazing at this old photograph of Oracle Park does calm me down to remember how things were a year ago compared to now. It reminds me to have faith that one day we will be able to go to a baseball game without wearing a mask. We will be able to yell and scream “Go Giants” without worrying that we will infect anyone with this virus.

We know there will be a resolution of this virus. These times are teaching us to be patient in prayer.

That’s all we really can do in addition to staying away from people, wearing our masks and gloves.

Photos Comfort!


Should we retreat to Rolling Ridge Conference in Massachusetts?


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About 3 years ago, I visited my buddy at Rolling Ridge Conference Center in North Andover, Massachusetts. I enjoyed my visit touring around Boston and the near-by towns. I spent a week here and enjoyed the quiet scenery at this center.

This conference center is the perfect enchanting refuge to get away from life’s worries.

See the glimmer of Lake Cochichewick thru the trees. The trees provide wonderful shade to keep cool from the sun.

We all can appreciate the quietness of these surroundings. This is the perfect place to meditate and refocus one’s priorities.

Today we all are concerned with the world’s affairs of a pandemic and racism. The world is seeking to eradicate both diseases.

Most of us are tired of all this stress. It is attractive to contemplate about achieving an escape and to find a refuge to relax.

We all need to spend time to focus on God and His Creation to destress and let go of our worries. This is the perfect place to run and escape.

Focusing on the Creator and His nature allows us to realize how great He is.

Considering to travel to retreat? Yes, consider a short trip to a location where one could feel safe and secure. Many of us may not feel safe to hop on an airplane. But consider where you can go which is closer to home. Since businesses are opening, where can you go to relax and regroup?

Our country’s problems with the pandemic and racism can be resolved over time. But in the meantime, ponder how to take a break in nature.

If you reside in Massachusetts, consider spending a day or two at Rolling Ridge to discover the quietness of nature and rest.

Information Rolling Ridge Conference Center

Photos Inspire!

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah


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We traveled to Bryce Canyon National Park on a road trip 4 years ago. My parents previously visited this park and wanted to share their experience with the rest of the family.

These crimson-colored towering rock formations are called “Hoodoos”.

These hoodoos remind me of little villages or towns with the different groupings.

We hiked to examine the hoodoos from a lookout point. We went to few places to enjoy these little towns of hoodoos. It is interesting to enjoy the close communities of hoodoos. The crimson, red and pink variations in colors are fantastic.

These hoodoo towns remind me how our communities and relationships seem to be growing closer.

Peaceful demonstrations are pleading for black lives and bringing all people together.

Pandemic procedures and practices have kept us separate yet together via video chats and various social media mediums. Our friends and relatives contact us via text, emails and phone calls. Our neighbors contact us to check in on our family. Recently, we were happy to deliver items and help our neighbor with their Costco needs.

Our nation is examining who we are as a nation. We are divided by many issues.

Who do we think we should become?

Hoodoos can remind us of close towering communities which stick together. The variation of sizes and colors standing together is a good goal for our future.

My prayer is that we learn to forgive and move forward to find unity. Is there any way we can extend Grace to others.

Grace is not earned nor even deserved. It is a necessary ingredient to obtain unity.

Photos inspire!

Views at Death Valley


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We traveled to visit several national parks for a fun family road trip a few years ago. My father loves road trips. My parents planned this trip based on a previous trip to several beautiful spots. They had good vacation memories of the sites and wanted to share their experience with the rest of the family.

Visiting Death Valley was wonderful. I’ve never visited a desert previously.

We stayed at Longstreet Inn & Casino in Amargosa Valley, NV, which is 37 miles away from the Death Valley National Park East Entrance. It was a nice place to stay and we ate most of our meals there. I enjoyed the food at the restaurant and the service was excellent.

Going to Dante’s View was a windy experience as because of its elevation at 5,475 ft above see level. It overlooks Badwater Basin which is 282 ft below see level which is the lowest point  in North America. We went in the late afternoon when it was a little cooler.

This view point is a great way to see an overview of the Valley.

In the picture you can see what the terrain looks like. Since the sun was setting, you can see the shadows from the hills.

I love the tumbleweeds. Tumbleweeds have always been a favorite for me. Watching them get blown about is fun.

It reminds me how being free to go where ever the wind blows is a nice experience. Not having a care in the world and feeling free from obligations is something we all would like for a break.

Looking at the dry and huge terrain does remind me of freedom. Seeing the rolling hills in the hot heat is surprisingly refreshing.

In the midst of our sheltering in place and demonstrations for an end of unfair police brutality does make me want a break from our daily stress. It does make me want to roam out into the dry heat of the desert for a short time instead of the stressful heat we have into today’s world.

Photos allow us to escape easily.

Never Give Up on Sunsets


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Sunset at El Dorado Beach, South Lake Tahoe 2019

Annually, our family would spend a week together at Lake Tahoe. My immediate family, aunties, uncles and cousins would gather in a couple of residences at South Lake Tahoe to spend quality time together. This was a great opportunity for us to make great memories. Over time as the younger generation got married and had children, our family vacations changed to add the grandchildren. Even though the family members able to attend the vacation varied from year to year, the tradition continued for more than 50 years. It was a great time to bond with my relatives and always was an event I looked forward to.

Last year, we went to Lake Tahoe but missed my auntie and uncle who recently passed away. Our desire to continue our tradition pushed us to go, even though the week would be different without them.

One evening after dinner, I went with my cousin’s family to shoot photos of their family. We traveled to different locations around the lake and took various shots. They are a fun family. My cousin’s 2 daughters are out on their own. They wanted to take advantage of their time together to capture some nice photos.

At the end of the photo shoot, I noticed this sunset over the lake. Even though I annually traveled to Lake Tahoe, I did not recall ever seeing such a magnificent sunset. Maybe I was usually inside around this time talking, playing games and interacting with my relatives. Perhaps this is how I missed seeing the sunsets at Tahoe.

I had to quickly shoot as fast as I could to capture the best sunset. This sunset is probably the best I’ve seen at Lake Tahoe.

It is odd it took me 50 years to find this perfect sunset.

Even before the pandemic started, my family was contemplating that this year we would not be able to make the trip to Tahoe. The trip is getting a little difficult for some of the aunties and uncles. Many of the cousins have not been attending this summer gathering. The younger grandchildren would be busy with their own activities.

Nevertheless, the pandemic definitely made the decision for us. We know we cannot gather together or be in close contact with each other this summer at Lake Tahoe.

Little did I realize, 2019 would be the last year for our annual family vacation to Lake Tahoe.

It is ironic I took this picture of the sunset. This sunset is symbolic of the end of our week long family gatherings.

My photo preserves the beauty of the horizon. I love looking back at this picture. I’ve used the photo for a background for our recent Zoom gatherings. Even though the same sunset will not be seen again, I gaze at this picture to recall the multicolored sky.

In the same way, our family bonds will always be strong because of the times we share together. We wove a wonderful connection with each other which only got better with time. We enjoyed great times of just being together. The many pictures from these trips tell our story.

So even though our annual family vacation has reached its sunset status, we can look back at our memories and pictures which paint a beautiful mural in our hearts and minds.

Appreciate moments with our loved ones.

Appreciate the beauty that happens with the sunsets. They may represent the end of a day. But we can always look forward to the sunrise and a new beginning.

I hope next year my family will start a new annual tradition that can replace our Lake Tahoe excursions.

This pandemic has taught us to appreciate the unexpected. Embrace the new surprises in our life and make the most of time spent with those we love. We never know how life will change. We take it for granted we can travel, attend gatherings or visit with loved ones as scheduled. But we now understand activities and events can be discontinued or delayed due to circumstances beyond our control.

This sunset photo has not been digitally altered and is real.

Photos Preserve Sunsets!

Only Way to Watch Baseball in 2020


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Welcome to the upper deck in the right field corner where the splash cam is located. Whenever a home run or foul ball is hit into McCovey Cove, this is the TV camera that follows the flight of the ball.

It is still unknown when the SF Giants will return to Oracle Park to play any baseball. With our ever changing COVD-19 environment, we can only guess when we will see baseball again.

We will be fortunate if we can even watch a new game on TV, since it will be highly unlikely we will be attending a game at Oracle Park.

I was roaming around Oracle Park before an SF Giants game and climbed up to the View Box level to photograph this tv camera.

I’m glad I took advantage of my freedom to enjoy the empty Oracle Park and shoot these pictures. I never would imagine that all of us would be banned from going to a SF Giants game for who knows how long.

My Stay At Home experience has taught me to be grateful for our past freedoms. Our assumptions about our enjoyment opportunities today can be changed in the future depending on our circumstances. It is possible our former way of life will be quite different in the future.

I imagine whenever we are able to return to watch the SF Giants at Oracle Park will be a different experience compared to our past trips to the ballpark.

Make the most of our daily moments.

Having a grateful attitude will allow us to embrace difficulties and future changes in our future.

Photos are good teachers.

Wishing We could be at Oracle Park


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When was the last time you sat at Oracle Park to watch the SF Giants play? It seems like it will be a long time before any of us will be allowed to return to watch baseball live at the stadium.

I cannot imagine how it will be to sit in the seats with social distancing. It will not be the same to sit in these seats without brushing elbows with other baseball fans next to us.

We all miss not listening and watching the progress of live games this season for the SF Giants. Entertaining ourselves with past games is nice, but I miss the unpredictability of a live game.

Whenever they open baseball season and allow fans in the stands, I may or may not attend any live games. I would rather stay home where it is safe to watch on the TV. I feel for the baseball industry. There are the loyal fans who will adjust to sit at Oracle Park with social distancing.

I would eventually love to attend a live game when it is safe. It may be this fall or next year. Either way, I will be ready to attend a live game. It will be extra special when they do allow fans in the stands for a game.

Unfortunately, this empty stadium depicts the current status of baseball.

At least, I have this picture to remind me what Oracle Park looks like since I probably will not return for a while.

Photos make us ponder what will be.