Two Different Views of Death Valley National Park, CA


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These 2 photographs are fascinating views from one location at two different altitudes.  The view from the top looks like it could be from space.  The temperature is also much cooler up at Dante View compared to Badwater Basin.

We first went to walk at the Badwater Basin on the salt flats.  Some tourists cannot resist leaving a message or their names on the salt flats.  This is the lowest elevation in North America.

We then drove up above to Dantes View to look down at Badwater Basin.  I, of course, used my big zoom lens.  If you look at the narrow white path going down to the bottom of the photograph, this is the white path in the 2nd picture where people are walking.  They are both the same picture of the salt flats but from two different altitudes.

In the first photo, the white silhouette looks like a tree with branches spreading out.

We’re glad to visit the different terrains and scenery, since it refreshed our perspective.  It is nice for us to look back at these photographs to remind us what we saw.

Hope you can also appreciate this scenery and the real untouched views.

Is there a Nature’s Artist Palette?


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Yes there is a Natural Artist’s Palette in the multi-colored badlands in Death Valley National Park.  We visited Death Valley, California this past June.  We drove on Artist’s Drive and enjoyed the multi-colored claystones from the ancient ashfalls.

The first photograph was shot with a wide angle lens.  The 2nd and 3rd photographs were shot with my zoom lens.

I really like the natural color combination in the 2nd photograph.  The shadow in the 3rd photograph resembles someone’s shadow hand puppet.  I don’t know where that shadow really came from.

As I was at one spot shooting these badlands, someone asked me to take his picture.  He noticed my camera equipment and assumed I was a photographer.  We enjoyed a nice time talking with “Eric”, from Phoenix, about the wonderful scenery, his camping vacation, and the various locations he visited.  We encountered Eric a couple of times later as we both stopped at different spots on Artist’s Drive.

It was fun to view the Artist’s Palette formations and share the experience with our family and another friendly outdoor enthusiast.

Eric – Hope you will be able to look at my website to enjoy the pictures the Artist’s Palette.

Please enjoy the true and untouched colors of my Artist’s Palette photographs!

Relaxing Hike thru Mystical Canyon, Utah


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These slot canyons are very interesting to look at with the layered walls.  This is a relaxing hike compared to Antelope Canyon since there is little people traffic.  We encountered 3 parties of people while we hiked.

It was a hot day, but it was cool in the canyon.  Even though we went around the middle of the day, the lighting was good since we were in shaded areas of the canyon.

I would have like to use a tripod for these shots since there were parts of the canyon which were a little dark.  With a tripod, I could have used a lower ISO to get better shots.

I do like this shot because of the contrast with the sunlight coming in from the top with the patterns in the canyon walls.  The rocks around the middle left almost look like they are glowing with sunlight.

Thank you for looking at my photographs which are real and untouched.

Triple Continental Divide on the Columbia Icefields


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We went to visit Athabasca Glacier in Jaspar National Park in July 2013.  During our tour of the Canadian Rockies, we mostly enjoyed summer weather until we came to the glacier.  We were prepared with warmer clothes and gloves so we could walk on the glacier.

This is the only place on Earth where there are 3 rivers which flow into 3 oceans – the Pacific, Atlantic and the Arctic.  The part of the glacier we were able to walk on was to the left of this photograph.  We were not allowed to walk on this section.  The glacier is slowly melting, it is receding 5 meters a year.  One day in another generation, this glacier could be gone.

Here the sky was gray and not too clear.  So this picture is a little dark due to the lack of natural lighting, and the weather.  Probably most photographers would use software to lighten and improve the picture.

This photograph is real and reflects this particular day when we visited Athabasca Glacier.  It was truly an experience to see this huge glacier which has a long history of existence.


Reflections from Moraine Lake


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We went to visit Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada in July 2013. This photograph reminds me how beautiful Lake Moraine is especially with the Canadian Rockies’ reflection.

We were fortunate it was sunny and virtually no wind on the day we visited.  Therefore the water was so still which allowed the reflection to be perfect.  I was fortunate for the natural lighting with the still waters so we could enjoy this perfect scene.

Moraine Lake is a glacially fed lake. The perfect blue color is due to the refraction of the light off the rock flour which is continually disposited into the lake.

It amazes me how things in Nature can fit so perfectly together to compliment each other.  This photograph illustrates how the perfect sunlight, mountains, blue Moraine Lake and the still waters provide this amazing scene.

This photograph does reflect the true colors we witnessed.  It is real and untouched!


Canoeing across Lake Louise


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I was walking along the shores of Lake Louise in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, and saw a couple canoeing across the lake. The red canoe really stood out while gliding on top of the glacial turquoise water in the lake.  I also like the peaceful still water.

There is also a lighter color streak between the land and the water.  I admired the color combination in this photograph.  So I automatically shot a bunch of pictures since the colors were perfect together.  I am not sure what caused the lighter color streak between the land and the water.  It could be a reflection from the sunlight, but I was too busy taking the pictures to investigate where the streak came from.

Whenever I photograph a unique and interesting scene, I am anxious to keep shooting before the lighting or something in the scene changes.

My rule is always to strive to be quick to photograph a scene.  Once we lose a particular moment, we can never get it back again.  The best way to “get it back again” is with a picture.

Be assured this photograph and color is real and untouched!


Have You Seen Tree Lace?


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We were hiking on the Trappers Run Trail in Vail Colorado during the Fall in 2016 after the changing of the leaves.  The picture was taken later in the afternoon with the foreground in the sunlight and the background mountain in complete shade. That really helped to separate the lightly colored branches from the dark background.

When my wife saw this photograph, she automatically commented that it looked like “Tree Lace”.  The intertwining of the bare white tree branches give the effect lace. The bare branches show such unique and interesting patterns.

This just accentuates the fact there is beauty everywhere if we would only take the time to look.

Such beauty does not need to changed, and thus this photograph is untouched and real!

Shadows on a Sugar Maple Leaf


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I took this photograph at the height of fall foliage in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. I was so excited seeing all the bright fall colors and took so many photographs.  Every time I review these photographs I see something new.

I am intrigued by the shadow on this Sugar Maple Leaf.  I like the shadow on the leaf because of the interesting design, and the contrast it gives to the picture.  I am not sure where this shadow came from.  It may be from another leaf.

I also love the bright red colors on this leaf.  In California, the leaves never seem to be as bright as what I saw in Canada!  It amazes me how brilliant this red orange leaf is.

What do you get excited about?  I keep fallling in love with fall, and it’s colors!  I’m excited fall is coming, and am looking forward to my future search for more fall colors.

I love keeping it real by sharing my photographs which are untouched!

Fall is around the corner


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I love “Fall”.  When I photographed this image, I was in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and happened to be there during the one week where Fall Foliage was at its peak.  Being from California, I never saw such brilliant colors during the fall.  It was also the start of a greater fascination with fall colors.

I like this center leaf with the variation of colors – bright red, yellow, and dark spots. It is interesting that each leaf is unique in design just as the uniqueness of an individual’s finger print.

I look forward to Fall every year now.  Last year, I missed the peak of fall foliage in Colorado.  But I still loved the bare Aspen tree forests.  This year, I will also be seeking to find more fall foliage.  Stay tuned to see what I will find!

As always, be assured this photograph is untouched and real!

Wild Wild West at Monument Valley, Navajo Nation


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We went to the North Window view in Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation 3 years ago.  This photograph does look like a scene in an old time Western movie.  Monument Valley was used as the location for many Western movies which is why this photograph reminds of the American West.

The tour thru Monument Valley was fun and a little dusty.  I can understand why cowboys might wear masks just to keep the dust off their face as they rode and not just to disguise themselves during a robbery. We went in the spring time, so it was not as hot as it could be.  It was fun to hear about the different movies that were filmed there – for example – Stagecoach starring John Wayne and 2001: A Space Odyssey.  There is a long list of films which utilized the picturesque – Monument Valley.

The geography of the buttes is also interesting with the different layers, and it is fun to think about what the buttes look like.

As we look at scenic sights, it is fun to let our imaginations go to think about stories which could have happened at these locations.

As always, we enjoy real photography which is untouched.