Candlestick Park & Yosemite Photo Show


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Hope you can come to see my photos at Cafe St. Jorge

We will be putting up Candlestick Park and Yosemite photographs up on 6/8/2017.  We will be also showing our Photo Magnet Pins here too.  The exhibit will be on display for a month until July 8, 2017.

Our Photography Reception will be on June 23, 2017 – Friday night.  More details coming.

We thank Cafe St. Jorge for the opportunity to show our photographs in their busy cafe.  See the above link to see the hours and location of Cafe St. Jorge.

F-16 Falcon Heading Up


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We went to Travis AFB to watch Thunderbirds on May 6, 2017.  It was a wonderful airshow.

I love watching fighter jets up in the air doing their maneuvers.

This is a F-16 Falcon Thunderbird.  It was gaining altitude fast with it’s afterburners on – notice the flames at the back end.

I shot with a 400 mm lens with a very fast shutter speed.

My wife commented that this photograph looks surreal and almost like a drawing instead of a photograph.

Why does this photograph have this effect?

Notice on the sides, there is water vapor which contributes to the surreal look.  The water vapors come off the plane when it makes a tight turn or gains altitude quickly.

My challenge in taking these jet fighter photos is to take photographs in focus and in the frame.  So it is very important that I take lots of photographs to get shots I am satisfied with.  My practice is not to change the photograph via “Photoshop”.  Instead, I am aiming to get good focused shots of the jet fighters in motion.

My goal is to shoot to produce untouchedtcphotos.




How To Make Your Pictures Pop Out!


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This is a Canadian Birth Tree which I photographed in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.  I tried to focus my camera on the peeling layers to bring attention to it.  By doing this, the peeling bark has more depth and gives almost a 3 dimensional effect.  My wife feels the bark is “popping out” in this depth effect.  This is why there are parts of the tree which are not in focused.

If I had used a tripod, I could have shot this tree all in focus by decreasing the aperture.   Consequently the exposure would be longer which would make it difficult to hand hold the camera.  Therefore a tripod would be needed for this type of shot.  By decreasing the aperture, it would also give a greater depth but more of the tree would be in focus.

Seek to create depth in your photographs by focusing on objects which pop up at you.

Is Candlestick Park better in Black & White or in Color?


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Grounds crew were doing the final preparations for the Giants home opener against the new expansion team, Florida Marlins, in 1993. Back then, the Giants did not sell out most of their games but the home opener was always a big event and tickets were not always easy to get.


This is Candlestick Park on the same day. Do you prefer this Color Photo compared to the Black and White one above?

Why did I shoot Candlestick Park in Black and White and sometimes in Color?  Well in those days, it was easier to develop the pictures from Black and White film.  I could do it myself in my dark room.  Prints also were easier to print in Black and White.  For archival purposes, Black and White pictures lasted longer.  When I shot all these Candlestick Park pictures, there was no Photoshop.  I tried to shoot with the best natural lighting for a good shot.  I was also attending the Academy of Art College.  I was required to shoot in black and white which was a major reason why I did shoot in monochrome.

Today some cameras provide the option to shoot in Black and White.  Or you can choose to shoot in color.  Or if your camera does not have this option.  You can convert your photos to black and white via Photoshop.

Why do you want pictures in Black and White when we live in a world filled with diverse color?

  1. To create a certain mood in your picture.  What effect do you want in your photo
  2. Your scene is monochromatic.  If your scene is already kind of black, white and gray, then your picture should emphasize this monochrome look.
  3. If you want a “Timeless” look, then Black and White is the way to go.
  4. Create a Black and White picture if you want a Vintage look.  Vintage is very popular today.  For example, if your picture is of a historic object, then a vintage look would be appropiate.

Lastly, as you look at the 2 pictures above of Candlestick Park, which one do you prefer…the Black and White or the Color photograph?

So go and thru some of your color pictures and convert to Black and White to see which version you like better.



Feel the Power of the Force


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Today is Happy Star Wars Day!  We enjoyed a fun visit to Disney World Hollywood Studios and went to the Star Wars Launch Bay.  Notice there is a Storm Trooper in the background.

One of my passions is to take the movie props and models from the different Star Wars Movies.  I got into my “zone” taking the movie props from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  I photographed lots of Star Wars photos during my visit.

I posted my video from Star Wars – A Galactic Spectacular fireworks show on YouTube

Our YouTube Video – Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular

Why do I love taking photographs of Star Wars props?  I love the details in the making of the props.  Since I do not think I will ever own a Star Wars prop, I have taken a large collection of these props over the years to satisfy my fascination with them.

My photography is a reflection of the things I love to look at.  I do not want to embellish my photos via software.  I want to take photosgraphs to match their authentic state.

May the Fourth Be With You!

How Can This Photo be Improved Without Using Photoshop?


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I took this photograph of the spider about 7 years ago in Costa Rico.  I was shooting with a Fuji Digital FinePix S100FS camera.  I bought this camera because at the time it was a cheaper alternative instead of getting a digital SLR camera.  It is a bridge between a compact and a DSLR camera.  It was a good camera for the price.

When my wife asked me about posting this photograph, I was accessing the quality of the pictures I took on this trip with this camera.  I was reminded about the limitations of this camera which confirmed my later decision to finally purchase a regular DSLR.  There is a limit in the resolution of the pictures taken with this Fuji camera, and I was not satisfied with this quality.  When I did purchase my DSLR, I was satisfied the higher price had included more features. So I felt I was getting more for my money versus if I had purchased this camera at an earlier time.

Since I have been shooting with my Canon DSLR and my many different lenses, I realized how my photography has improved.  I am shooting faster and the quality of the photographs are better due to my adaptation to the newer camera.  Also the resolution is so much better with my current DSLR.  Since I am now able to shoot faster and with greater frequency, I can see the progression and improvement of my photography.  Practice does lead to better photos.

Here are 4 simple guidelines to help you to evaluate and improve your pictures:

  1. Review your old photos – Are you satisfied with the resolution and sharpness of the image?  Do you like the colors?
  2. If you are not satisfied, do you want to move on to a better camera – perhaps a DSLR?
  3. Evaluate your budget to see how much you would like to spend to determine your next camera and/or lens.  Evaluate the camera package to get the most features for your money.
  4. After you purchase your new camera, practice and shoot.  Practice will help your photography to improve.  Challenge yourself to take photos which do not need to be altered via software.

Lastly this was a huge spider – about 3 1/2 inches in size.  It was interesting to see this huge spider in it’s web environment.  Go and look at your old photos and reflect to see if you like the quality of your photos.

If you have questions about cameras and lenses, feel free to comment or send an inquiry to me.  I will answer your questions about camera equipment.


Behind Home Plate at AT&T Park


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Here’s another photograph I took roaming around AT&T Park before the San Francisco Giants played ball.

I was having a blast with my wide angle lens taking scenic photographs of the park.  I love the almost empty stadium with the perfect diamond field.

I love being in my “Photography Zone” when shooting lots of pictures.  It is my “high” as I seek to find different scenes to shoot.  I love finding the perfect scene and lighting to take unique shots.  I walked along the upper deck shooting different scenes.

You can find art any place.  For me I have always loved “Stadium Art” starting from the classic architecture from Candlestick Park and continuing on at AT&T Park.

Find your “Art Zone” where you can be passionate about what you see.  There is art all around us if we would take the time to look.

Also stay tune as I hope to show more interesting scenic shots at AT&T Park!


Splash at AT&T Park


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This camera is the “Splash” camera.  It is used to capture when a homerun ball lands into the bay over the right field arcade section.  The 2nd picture without the camera is taken from the prospective of the Splash camera located on the top far right section in the stands at right field.  I really liked the perspective of the stadium in this photograph.  Notice the Bay Bridge in the background.

I also liked the camera photograph.  It reminds me of my other photographs with the camera at Candlestick Park.  The camera resembles the camera in my older photographs.  Feel free to see my Candlestick Park photograph with the camera to compare.

Hope you enjoy my wide angle shot of AT&T park!

Center Field TV camera 5/18/1988 at Candlestick Park

Center Field TV for Live Broadcast at Candlestick Park

On Top at AT&T Park


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This was taken at the very top of AT&T Park.  I have a fear of heights.  So climbing up to this height and looking down was pretty scary.

I love to go to watch the SF Giants and try to get there earlier so I can freely roam the stadium.  I did this at Candlestick Park and hope to do more of this at AT&T Park.

As I reflect and look at this picture, I do remember my fear of being up so high.  It was a long ways down.  But being on “top” gave a great view of the stadium.

This reminds me that we can have mixed fears when we are on top of our “game” no matter what that is.  Achievements are valuable and rewarding.  But we need to realize when on top, to be thankful and realize to fall is dangerous.

The San Francisco Giants are a great example of winners who keep striving to get back on top.  We all need to realize in whatever we do – Don’t Give Up To Make it to the Top!


Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular


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Smaller model used when filmed from a distance.

Please take a look at our new video from our recent trip to Disney World!  This was a cool Star Wars Fireworks Show!

You can also subscribe to our new YouTube Channel!

Thanks for watching!

Our YouTube Video – Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular