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See the red circle is the location where I was attacked. Be careful – the thieves were watching me when they approached me from behind when there were no other people around.


I went today to continue taking photos at Candlestick Park.  I was blindsided and jumped on May 15, 2015 by 2 individuals who came from behind and repeatedly hit me so they could steal all my camera and lens equipment.  I wore my camera backpack which they ripped off of me.  They jumped the fence to an awaiting car.  They even took my eyeglasses from me.  The 2 guys broke my car window and went thru the car to see if there was anything they wanted.  I attempted to fight and kick back, but they yelled sayng “Let it go”.  I had my backpack strapped to me, and they had a hard time getting it off of me.

These guys were probably watching me and waited until there was no one else around to see them do their crime.

I called 911 and the police came quickly.  I filed 2 police reports – one for the mugging incident and one for the vandalism for my car.

I am shaken up from this incident, but I can praise God that I am ok.  The paramedics checked me, and it seems like I am ok.  I wil go and see my doctor.  I have some red marks from the beating.

God protected me today, and though I lost my camera equipment, at least these thugs didn’t have any guns.  It will take me a little time to get over my emotional trauma from this incident.  But God is in control, and He will be the judge over the individuals who took all my camera equipment.

So unfortunately, I probably will not be able to take any more pictures of the demolition, since they took everything.  With the way I feel now, I am not sure I can return to this site after what happened today.

Please be careful at Candlestick Park.