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img050 Ektachrome, 5.88 Dust Removed CopyThis photograph was taken back on May 20, 1988 when I was seated in the lower reserve seat underneath the upper deck – nice and sheltered.

Blow up the picture and look at the score board – See SF Giant – Chris Speier just hit his 4th career grand slam during this night game.  The SF Giants beat the Expos 11-2.  The winning pitcher was Mike LaCoss.  The losing pitcher from the Expos was Bryn Smith.

The attendance was only 15,510.  The Candlestick Park could potentially seat around 60,000.  Note the empty seats.  It was typical during a weeknight game against a non-divisional rival like the Expos were not popular games.  This is why there were empty sections in the upper deck behind center field.

The Montreal Expos are now the Washington Nationals.  This transition occurred in 2005.

I used my Canon EOS 620 35 mm film camera.   I shot with Ektachrome 400 slide film.  I scan my transparency to create the digital file and just remove any dust marks.  It was tricky to shoot this photograph due to the brightness of the playing field versus the darkness under the upper deck.