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img047 Dust Removed Copy img045 Dust Removed Copy img017 Dust Removed Copy img010 Dust Removed CopyPhotographs taken of Candlestick Park during the late 1980’s with a Canon EOS 620 35mm film camera.  I used T-Max 100 black & white negative film for all the pictures.  I scanned the negatives and converted them into digital files.

The top two photographs are the lower box seats behind home plate, and I took the pictures in this section.  I took the photographs before the game as I love to roam around the stadium.

The third photograph seats are in the upper deck behind center field.  I was in this section and took the photograph looking down to center field.  The game was in progress when I took this photograph.

The bottom photograph is in the upper deck concourse level.  I think I took this photograph before the game since the area is empty.  I spent endless hours photographing Candlestick Park.