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393 – View of Candlestick Park from the upper deck behind home plate before fans, grounds crew, and players arrived for a night game.

View of Candlestick Park during the 1991 season from the upper deck behind home plate before fans, grounds crew, and players arrived for a night game.


Pristine View of Candlestick Park on a clear and sunny afternoon three hours before a night game during the 1988 season. The grounds crew did a great job at keeping the field in immaculate condition.


I love listening to Marty Lurie on KNBR 680 AM in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My wife and I coincidentally have been discussing to write about my first experience at a ballpark which of course was Candlestick Park.  Today I enjoyed listening to Marty’s radio program around 9 to 10 pm on 6/11/2016.  He asked his viewers to share their first ballpark experience.  There were a few who shared their first experiences at Candlestick Park.  Others shared experiencing Fenway Park in Boston, Forbes Field in Pittsburg, and Alameda county stadium.

First time experiences are one of a kind.  I went to Candlestick Park for the first time when I was 4 or 5 years old with my Dad.  This was my first SF Giants game.  I was very excited to go the Stick.  I remember walking thru the door and seeing all the orange seats and how vast and gigantic it was.  It really impressed me how enormous it looked.  This is the beginnings of my fascination of large ballparks.  The orange chairs really caught my eye.  If my wife would allow me, I would be buying an orange chair now.

The next thing I noticed the right upper deck was still under construction.  This was the addition of seats for the 49ers could utilize Candlestick Park.  I noticed the partial construction where some of the seats had already been added.  Originally, Candlestick Park did not have an upper deck, and fans could see the San Francisco Bay from home plate beyone the outfield.  The new upper deck would block this fantastic view.

As a result of my first visit to Candlestick Park, I am always impressed by the enormous size of ballparks.  I would love to go visit and photograph the major league ballparks across the United States.  My dream job as a photographer is to share my love of “Ballpark Art”.  I am fascinated by the architechture of ballparks and especially like the “Retro” look.  For example, Camden Yards in Baltimore, Coors Field in Denver and AT&T Park in San Francisco are examples of this “Retro” look.

As Father’s Day is approaching, I thank my Dad for taking my as a little boy to Candlestick Park.  It was the beginnings of my ballpark love affair that I will continue to pursue.