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img029 Kodachrome 5.88 CopyThis is the huge JumboTron with advertisements for Coca Cola, Ford Fever and the infamous local electronic store – Matthew’s located on “Top of the Hill Daly City”.  We would hear their advertisements always on the radio.

Here’s a commercial for this old store – Matthew’s Top of the Hill Daly City

This photograph was taken in May 1988 with Kodachrome 35mm slide film.

Notice the camera in the back of all the red chairs.  This is the centerfield camera for television broadcasts.

The fence on the right restricted the fans from going into the center back area of the stadium.

I went 2 hours earlier than game time to Candlestick Park.  I would roam around the stadium taking photographs.  This is why there is no one sitting in the seats.

These were the cheaper bleacher seats in section 44.  For general admission, tickets were $2.50.  I would often just go to the box office the day of the game at the stadium and buy my ticket.  Baseball was so easily available for everyone to watch live.  It was a wonderful time to be a San Francisco Giants fan.