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img018 CopyEveryone loves going to Opening Day games for the Giants.  This game was on April 12, 1993 against the Florida Marlins.  I was excited to be there and took lots of photographs.

There was lots of activities going on during the Pre-Game Ceremony.  The Marlins were warming up on the Candlestick Park field.  They were an expansion team, and this was their first year.

Notice the cars on the left side.  Great Giants players from the past were driven out on the field as part of the pre-game ceremony.

See the vintage advertisement – i.e. The Good Guys – a former consumer electronics retail corporation with 71 stores in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.  I enjoyed working as a professional photographer in their advertising department.  The Good Guys went out of business in 2006.  Fortunately Lee jeans is still in business today.

It was a good game with the SF Giants winning 4-3.  Fans were very focused on the game, since there were no smart phones, selfies, and social media. People had a good time just enjoying the game of baseball and sharing the time with friend and family at the stadium.  It was a different experience than today when we watch baseball.