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I took this picture on Saturday, May 14, 1988.  It was Fuji Photo Day at Candlestick Park.  I love being on the stadium grass field.  I took this photograph towards the end of the pre-game event.  People are starting to come into the stadium for this game – SF Giants versus the New York Mets.  I tried to stay on the field as long as I could.  See the score board sign – “PLEASE LEAVE THE FIELD TODAY BY WAY OF THE STAIRWAYS & RAMPS….”.  There were hundreds of fans on the field.  So I lingered in the back of the crowd with this sign looming to tell me to leave.  You can see as I took this photograph that there is no one left on the field.   The ushers were nice and did not force me off the field.  I was pretty slow walking off the field.   I took as many shots as I could, and I was about the last fan to leave the field.

Please examine this photograph.  Can you see the letters in the upper deck behind center field?  It was so cool how these particular fans folded up the seat bottoms to show the letters.  Can you see METS?