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Diamond Formation with the Blue Angels on 10/7/2016


F-22 Raptor Air Superiority Stealth Fighter

We had a great time attending the Fleet Week Air Show Rehearsal on Friday, October 7, 2016.  Last year, we bought tickets for the reserved seating in the Marina.  This year we watched the show at Aquatic Park which is a popular area to view the Air Show.  It is nice to bring your own chairs or just sit on the terraced concrete seats.  The weather was perfect, and the sky was just a little hazy.  But we are thankful it was not a typical San Franciscan foggy day.  So there were no restrictions in the flight plans.

I had to shoot a higher shutter speed which required me to use a higher ISO film speed to catch the fast moving planes.  I also used a high speed compact flash memory card to keep up with the rapid firing of my camera.

Many were shooting with their cell phones like my wife.  They are good pictures but you cannot zoom in as close to see the detail of the planes.  You can see my wife’s short video clips of the Blue Angels on our Twitter account – @untouchtcphoto

Thank you for all the expert military and civilian pilots who flew this weekend to show their skill in flying.  We appreciate their service and sacrifice.  One phrase, my wife heard during the air show was — “Freedom requires Sacrifice”.   We are blessed to be free, and forever grateful to our military forces.