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img004-kodachrome-5-88-dust-removed-copyI took this photo on the field at Candlestick Park.  I love being on the well groomed field where the baseball players hit balls and run thru the bases.  I love feeling the grass.  I love a smooth field with no pot holes.

I also love being behind home base.   It represents victory despite opposition.   It represents success based on diligence and hard work.  It represents excellent performance based on a deep passion.

The fresh chalk marks around home plate only last a short time after they start to play ball.  I love this old tradition to apply these chalk marks at the beginning of each game.  These chalk marks give the boundaries for the batter box and fade after a few innings.  It reminds me how we need a daily reminder of the guidelines and life rules to obtain and strive for the homeruns we need in our personal life.  Striving for our home run success should be our goal too.