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nn5a6562-copyWe went hiking at Matthews/Winters Park near Denver, Colorado looking for fall foliage.  We walked towards William Frederick Hayden Park on Green Mountain and traveled off on a trail up the mountain with a gulch.  It was a wonderful sunny fall day, and I was looking for a changing tree.  These leaves are in the process of changing to the fall colors.  Down towards Denver, it was still warm during the day but cool in the evenings and early mornings.  I love the shadows and the varying colors of green, yellow and a little orange.

Up towards Vail, Colorado, the fall foliage scenery is gone, and the Aspen trees are bare.  So we went down towards Denver in search of leaves.

I will be showing more photographs of the unique aftermath of fall foliage in the Rocky Mountain Range.  Even though, we missed the peak of the fall foliage in Vail, we still saw the beauty of the barren Aspen forests.  We learned there is still beauty in all stages of the seasons.  Stay tune to see my next series of photographs.