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kw6a2254-copyWe enjoyed a wonderful hike at Booth Creek Trail in Vail, Colorado.  Make sure to go earlier or you may not find a place to park the car.  The parking lot is small and street parking is not available.  The parking lot is not large.  The best strategy is to wait until hikers return and move the car.  There is a 3 hour limit for parking in the lot.

It is a steep trail with rocks.  You need to walk a brisk pace or you will not complete the hike within the 3 hour limit.

We took longer since we were shooting various pictures and enjoyed the scenery.  This was taken in the 3rd week of October.  Even though we missed the peak of fall foliage, we still enjoyed the scenery.

This shot was taken at sunset on our way back close to the end of the hike.  I took a bracket of 3 different exposures.  When you shoot with the sun behind, this makes the exposure tricky.  Maybe you are like my wife who did not understand what I was saying about taking the bracket with 3 different exposures – this is photography lingo.  In other words, I took 3 pictures using 3 different exposure settings to see which would give me the best photograph.  I wanted to get the long shadows with the right light.  I tried to frame the sun to partially block it with the tree so sun rays would be seen.  If I did not do this, then you would just see brightness without seeing the rays of the sun.