12049336_10208040638361749_286038891603506711_nTony took this photograph of the Death Star II model.  He could spend hours looking at this model, and took many photographs of it.

It is a symbol how relentless the Galactic Empire was to destroy planets who opposed them.  After the destruction of the original Death Star, the Galactic Empire sought to build this new battle station to be more powerful than the original.

Fortunately, the Rebel Alliance destroyed the 2nd Death Star.  Within a year, the Empire formally surrendered to the New Republic.

We love to watch the struggle and victories of the righteous against those who were a part of the “Dark” side.

Isn’t this a picture of our individual internal struggle we each face with our good and bad tendencies?  As we started 2017, what do we want to change for ourselves?  Ongoing goals are important.  Deadlines are nice, but we need to be realistic.  Can we strive to take small progressive steps to reach the finish line?  That is my goal for the new year.

Source: Victory & Defeat – Death Star II