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Tony took this photograph of the Matte Painting of the 2nd Death Star from Star Wars with the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco.

Not sure how many fans have ever seen this exhibit and noticed the Transamerica Pyramid with the 2nd Death Star.  Do you see the Transamerica Pyramid on the left side of the picture?

Those artists had a good sense of humor to add the “the Pyramid” in this painting.These artists are teaching us a good lesson. The 2nd Death Star’s objective was to destroy planets and life. In the context of Star Wars, there was lots of drama surrounding this terrible weapon.

Today, many people are experiencing “Trump” phobia and drama. People are afraid of what could happen in 2017. But in the midst of our personal or external drama, we need to remember to keep a sense of humor.

So Let’s Ease Stress with a Smile!

Source: Humor with the Transamerica Pyramid & 2nd Death Starr!