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Photography exhibit being taken down today, Wednesday, April 29.

We love this photo that Tony took over 25 years ago.  He could spend endless hours roaming around the stadium before watching the San Francisco Giants play baseball.  There are fans who purchased these red chairs to keep as a memento of fun times they shared with family and friends at this stadium.  Fans felt welcomed whenever they went to Candlestick Park.

This picture is a reminder to me to be “welcoming”.  Can you think of people you know that make us feel “unwelcomed”?  They give off a persona that makes us feel uncomfortable or awkward.  They can do nice things for us and show kindness to us.  But we know there is a limit to what they will do to be nice.  Not that we want to take advantage of someone’s kindness,  but it is nice to know there are people we can count on when we need help.

We want to be approachable people that will welcome others into our lives.  Our hope is to be a positive influence to those we encounter.  We want to show others they can count on us to be there for them.  It may not be reciprocated.  But that is ok.  A good 2017 goal would be to give unselfishly and sacrificially our time, money or material goods to meet others’ needs.  Hope this picture can also remind others to be “Welcoming”!

Source: Welcome to Candlestick Park!