img_3381-copyThese are 2 flamingos at the San Diego Zoo.  We stood around and watched the flock of flamingos.  We love the colors and their interaction.  It looks like one flamingo was feeding the other.

Flamingos are very social and thrive in their interactions with one another.  They are dependent on one another.  They fly together and follow each other closely.  They can live in small or very large groups – up to tens of thousands.

Shouldn’t we strive to “feed” one another?  It is not good for a person to be alone on an ongoing basis.  We can strive to feed others whether with actual physical, spiritual, emotional or intellectual nourishment.  People do thrive with interaction.  Do we ever notice anyone whether at work, school, or social gatherings that perhaps needs us to “feed” them in some way?

Source: Feed One Another