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This is a Takin from the San Diego Zoo.  Happy Chinese New Year to Mr. Takin!  The takins are considered national treasures in China.  They can share the giant panda’s habitat in the forests of China.What is a Takin.  It has nose like a moose, a tail like a bear, horns of a gnu, hindquarters of a hyena, and a body like a bison.  It is often referred to as a goat antelope, since it has things in common with both goats and antelopes.  But is more closely related to sheep.  Though they can be heavy and large, they are nimble in moving up, down and around mountains. Not only are they are great mountain climbers, they can leap over 6 feet.

Since we are Chinese, we are proud of Mr. Takin.  The takin may be an “interesting and strange” looking animal.  They generally move slow but can react quickly if angered or frightened.

They are a great example for us.  We all have interesting internal or external features which could be considered “strange”.  Our “strange” attributes should not hinder us but can be our assets.

Whatever problems we are facing, we should not ignore them.  But with patience, we can face and analyze our trials in wisdom to consider solutions.  Can we learn to be nimble to climb or leap to heights to overcome our adversity?

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Source: Face Adversity Head On Like Mr. Takin