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This is a photograph on the Trans-Canada Highway in Alberta.  We went on a family vacation tour to see the Canadian Rockies.  It was so nice not driving to enjoy the scenery.  Being from California, it was interesting there were few cars on the road.

The green scenery was relaxing and tranquil.

The overpass in the picture was built to allow wild animals to cross over and not be in danger of getting hit by vehicles.

We appreciated the thought of the Canadian government to build the overpass for the wild animals.  After all, the humans invaded the animals’ habitat and space.  It is the right thing to do to provide some safety for these animals.

In the same way, are we considerate about others people’s “space”?  There have been several occasions when I am walking on the street, and a car cannot wait for me to cross.  The car will turn the corner in front of me, and I have to watch to not get hit.  Are we so much in a hurry in life, that we cannot be considerate of other people?  How many times have I left a building and held the door for someone who does not reply with a “Thank you“?

Slow down, be considerate, and create own own mental sign — “People Xing“.

Source: Moose & Bear Xing-Canadian Rockies