This is an old photograph of Candlestick Park stadium in San Francisco.  It is the exterior on the level between the upper and lower concourse level.

Do you see the woman at a “Pay Phone“?

Both the pay phone and Candlestick Park are long gone and are memories of the past.I’m sure there are many people who have never seen a “Pay Phone“.

Once upon a time, people did not use cell phones, text, stream TV, videos or movies and do business online.  If people had to talk to someone, they had to use the pay phone to make a quick call, otherwise you would be require to add more money to continue talking.

Are we more connected now to one another by carrying a cell phone, so we can communicate anytime?

When I am on public transportation, the majority of the riders are looking at their cell phones.  They are focused on their own world.

I do not bring out my device unless I need to call someone due to scheduling conflict.  I enjoy people watching. So I noticed a woman who looked very sad.  She dropped her money on the ground on the bus and did not seem to notice what she dropped.  No one next to her noticed she dropped her money.  I was sitting a little bit away from her.  Since she did not pick up her money, I got up and went to her to point out her dropped money.  She picked up the bills.  But during the next 5-10 minutes, she kept dropping her money.  A woman who sat near her repeated assisted her to pick her money, and finally she helped the woman put the money in a zippered pocket.

It’s interesting how we can be so preoccupied with out cell phones and our world, that we do not see the needs of other people around us.  It was also interesting to see how when I noticed someone needing help, someone else noticed too and proceeded to help that woman.

Helping others can be contagious.

Source: What’s a Phone Booth?