Tony took this flower photograph in Hawaii which is one of our favorite places.

Valentine’s Day is coming!  Flowers will be bought and delivered to express emotions of “Love”.  This is probably one of the busiest times for florists.Unfortunately, flowers are temporary.  They die.  But with a picture we can remember them at their peak of perfection and beauty.  This is one reason why we love photographs.  They can capture moments in time to remember after the physical object or person is gone.  When we look at this photograph, we can remember this flower, and it’s lingering fragrance.

When we encounter people whether on a personal, business or chance encounter, what is the impression we leave behind?  Do we make other people feel comfortable?  Did we encourage someone who was going through a problem?  Can we patiently listen to someone?

Or are we too busy with our business?  Do I give the impression that it is all about me?

Lastly, can we leave a lingering fragrance with others that is sweet so they were glad they encountered us.  Were they better in some way after being with us?

Source: Lingering Fragrance