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Does anyone recognize what this is from AT&T Park where the San Francisco Giants play baseball?

This is the Coca Cola slide where children can play and enjoy.  While sitting in the stadium, the Coca Cola slide can be seen from anywhere, unless your seat is in front of the slide.  Unfortunately, we have never tried the slide, since it would be embarrassing if we got stuck or broke it due to our size.

This photograph does give the appearance of a rocket-ship or contraction that is about to launch.

This picture reminds me if we only see a certain perspective of a situation, we may not see the entire reality and truth.  If you see the entire picture of the Coca Cola slide, it give clarity of how this above portion fits in the Coke Bottle.  I need to remind myself to find out all the facts for a scenario before passing judgement.

Otherwise, we could make an incorrect judgement based on seeing a part instead of the whole picture.

Source: Rocketship at AT&T Park?