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Source: True Reflections at Moraine

Tony took this photograph during our trip to the Canadian Rockies.  The scenery was so pretty, when we visited in the summer.

We always love blue colors.  The reflection in Moraine Lake from the mountains and the blue sky is breath-taking.

Moraine Lake is a glacially fed lake in Banff National Park in outside of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

This reflection shows the true beauty of this scene.  It is a pretty clear reflection.

Don’t we all like to take a look at our reflections in the mirror.  But do we really see ourselves as others see us?  It is hard to truly know how others see us.  We may not want to face the reality of how we act or who we really are.

Do you want to know how others see you?  If you do, inquire with your close family or friends to find out how they see you.  Then see if this matches your own self-perception.  Could be scary…..