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Here’s another photograph from the Canadian Rockies.

I was looking at these tree tops at the side of the lake. From this photograph, we don’t know how tall these trees actually are. I first thought they were short. Then I realized their size is hidden since I don’t know how far down they extend on the slope.

Our society is obsessed with size. Too big or large versus too skinny or small. Why do some people feel they have to comment about someone’s body size or even a body part size? Yes we have opinions. But do we have to be rude to tell everyone this type of opinion. Does it really matter about how big someone’s hair is, or how bald a person is?

Size does not matter! No matter what the size these trees are, they are pretty and have a wonderful green color. Can we just appreciate people as they are? Can we also accept ourselves as we are? If there is something about ourselves we cannot change, let’s just embrace it, and be thankful!

Source: How tall are these trees at Lake Moraine in the Canadian Rockies