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We had a fun time watching these pigs on a farm in Michigan. These pigs were at the Reindeer Farm in Michigan.These pigs were very cute. They hung out together as they were busy eating.It is always fun to eat with company. When you watch pigs eat, they don’t interact with each other too much since they are focused on eating. But they are together due to their focus on the food.

This reminds me how it is important to gather together to eat with family and friends.

We enjoy cooking at home for family and friends. It gives us time to interact and continue to build our relationships. It is good to go out to a restaurant, since it is easier. But there is a certain intimacy when eating a home-cooked meal. There are not strangers around as in a restaurant. It is more relaxed. We love being generous with healthy food. A home cooked meal draws us closer together.

Sharing food as well as sharing our lives is important to take time to do in the midst of our fast culture. So let’s eat like “pigs” by gathering together around the food!

Source: Michigan Pigs