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This photograph was taken by Tony in 1988. This is the retired number “24” of the great Willie Mays from Candlestick Park. Tony took the photograph of the little boy to show the size of round disk in comparison to the boy’s size.

We posted this photograph on Twitter and @ChrisBabcock2 responded with the opinion – this is Tom Brady!We googled to see younger photographs of Tom Brady, and it does look like him.

We are seeking to get verification if this photograph is truly Tom Brady – the quarterback of the New England Patriots who has won 5 Super Bowls.

This incidents reminds us that we should always take lots of photographs. You never know what kind of memories, people, scenes, or objects you will capture. Especially with digital photography, there are no limits to the quantity of pictures you can take. Once a moment passes, it will never come back again. Regardless who the boy is in this picture, the photo captures a boy’s excitement of being at Candlestick Park to watch a San Francisco Giants game!

Lastly can anyone confirm if this boy is Tom Brady?

Source: Who is this little boy at Candlestick Park?