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Fall Foliage from Ontario, Canada

Willie Mays “24” from Candlestick Park

We created a video to demonstrate how to wear our Scenic Magnetic Pins.  We are making Magnet Pins from our different photographs!  It is fun to wear pretty scenes to match our outfits and to accessorize.  The pins have a protective coating which also give a texture effect.

Scenic Photographs can improve our moods and inspire us in different ways.  This is why we are creating scenic magnetic pins to inspire style and help us appreciate nature or even the San Francisco Giants.  The above Willie Mays Pin is a photograph taken from over 25 years ago at Candlestick Park.  For Sport Fans, this is a cool pin to wear to remember Willie Mays’ great talent in baseball.

Let’s create a new style trend by wearing Scenic Magnetic Pins.

Please look at our YouTube Video at the below link.  You can also look at our tab on this website to see our Pins which can also be ordered at this url.  Or you can purchase these pins at the below link for our Etsy Shop.

YouTube Scenic Magnetic Pin Demo 

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