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Blue Shadow Aspen Tree Forest

When we went to visit Aspen, Colorado last October, we were disappointed we missed the peak of their fall foliage.  We have a “thing” about visiting different locations to capture the peak of fall foliage.

But instead, we learned the bare aspen trees were very cool.  The shadows of the Aspen tree forest with the sunlight made the trees look blue.  We became facinated with these Aspen trees as we hiked and took the different photographs.

When you take so many photographs of pretty scenery, what do we do to remember these unique images?  You make cool magnet pins to wear and share with anyone who will notice you wearing them.  Wearing scenes from Nature is fun!

Below is an “unbiased” opinion about our Blue Tree Aspen Forest Magnet Pin.  Hope you enjoy the video.  Also you can buy this pin on this website or from our Etsy Store at the below link.

Wearing Blue Trees is Cool Video

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