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This was taken at the very top of AT&T Park.  I have a fear of heights.  So climbing up to this height and looking down was pretty scary.

I love to go to watch the SF Giants and try to get there earlier so I can freely roam the stadium.  I did this at Candlestick Park and hope to do more of this at AT&T Park.

As I reflect and look at this picture, I do remember my fear of being up so high.  It was a long ways down.  But being on “top” gave a great view of the stadium.

This reminds me that we can have mixed fears when we are on top of our “game” no matter what that is.  Achievements are valuable and rewarding.  But we need to realize when on top, to be thankful and realize to fall is dangerous.

The San Francisco Giants are a great example of winners who keep striving to get back on top.  We all need to realize in whatever we do – Don’t Give Up To Make it to the Top!