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Grounds crew were doing the final preparations for the Giants home opener against the new expansion team, Florida Marlins, in 1993. Back then, the Giants did not sell out most of their games but the home opener was always a big event and tickets were not always easy to get.


This is Candlestick Park on the same day. Do you prefer this Color Photo compared to the Black and White one above?

Why did I shoot Candlestick Park in Black and White and sometimes in Color?  Well in those days, it was easier to develop the pictures from Black and White film.  I could do it myself in my dark room.  Prints also were easier to print in Black and White.  For archival purposes, Black and White pictures lasted longer.  When I shot all these Candlestick Park pictures, there was no Photoshop.  I tried to shoot with the best natural lighting for a good shot.  I was also attending the Academy of Art College.  I was required to shoot in black and white which was a major reason why I did shoot in monochrome.

Today some cameras provide the option to shoot in Black and White.  Or you can choose to shoot in color.  Or if your camera does not have this option.  You can convert your photos to black and white via Photoshop.

Why do you want pictures in Black and White when we live in a world filled with diverse color?

  1. To create a certain mood in your picture.  What effect do you want in your photo
  2. Your scene is monochromatic.  If your scene is already kind of black, white and gray, then your picture should emphasize this monochrome look.
  3. If you want a “Timeless” look, then Black and White is the way to go.
  4. Create a Black and White picture if you want a Vintage look.  Vintage is very popular today.  For example, if your picture is of a historic object, then a vintage look would be appropiate.

Lastly, as you look at the 2 pictures above of Candlestick Park, which one do you prefer…the Black and White or the Color photograph?

So go and thru some of your color pictures and convert to Black and White to see which version you like better.