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This is a Canadian Birth Tree which I photographed in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.  I tried to focus my camera on the peeling layers to bring attention to it.  By doing this, the peeling bark has more depth and gives almost a 3 dimensional effect.  My wife feels the bark is “popping out” in this depth effect.  This is why there are parts of the tree which are not in focused.

If I had used a tripod, I could have shot this tree all in focus by decreasing the aperture.   Consequently the exposure would be longer which would make it difficult to hand hold the camera.  Therefore a tripod would be needed for this type of shot.  By decreasing the aperture, it would also give a greater depth but more of the tree would be in focus.

Seek to create depth in your photographs by focusing on objects which pop up at you.