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We went to Travis AFB to watch Thunderbirds on May 6, 2017.  It was a wonderful airshow.

I love watching fighter jets up in the air doing their maneuvers.

This is a F-16 Falcon Thunderbird.  It was gaining altitude fast with it’s afterburners on – notice the flames at the back end.

I shot with a 400 mm lens with a very fast shutter speed.

My wife commented that this photograph looks surreal and almost like a drawing instead of a photograph.

Why does this photograph have this effect?

Notice on the sides, there is water vapor which contributes to the surreal look.  The water vapors come off the plane when it makes a tight turn or gains altitude quickly.

My challenge in taking these jet fighter photos is to take photographs in focus and in the frame.  So it is very important that I take lots of photographs to get shots I am satisfied with.  My practice is not to change the photograph via “Photoshop”.  Instead, I am aiming to get good focused shots of the jet fighters in motion.

My goal is to shoot to produce untouchedtcphotos.