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Peekaboo Slot Canyon aka Mystical Canyon aka Red Canyon in Kenab, Utah

Peek-a-boo Canyon in Kanab, Utah

We had a fun roller coaster ride off roading in the sand to get to Mystical Slot Canyon in Kanab, Utah.  The tour guide, Ron, deflated the tires of his 4 wheeled drive vehicle, so we could have a wilder ride than Mr. Toad’s Ride in Disneyland.  He deflated the tires to get more surface area to better navigate thru the deep sand.  It was pretty jerky and bumpy ride, and flew off our seats as he drove from the Best Friend Animal Santuary to the canyon.  He was very courteous and gave us a wealth of information on the slot canyon and the surrounding area.

Hiking thru the Peek-a-boo Canyon aka Red Canyon aka Mystical Canyon was spectacular.  We enjoyed seeing the different patterns in the walls.

I took this photograph because of the way the light shined and reflected on the walls. The indirect sunlight emphasized the line pattern in the walls.  Notice the darker part on the right which gives a nice contrast between the shadows and light.

My challenge in this image was to get the correct balance to capture the details with the highlighted and the shadow areas in this scene.  Fortunately, my Canon 5D Mark IV has a higher dynamic range to accomplish this goal.

Details, just as in day to day life, are important in our photographs.  Using a more advanced camera and learning how to shoot to capture details in the various lighting is possible to do without altering your photo with software.

As always, this photograph was not altered (other than the watermark and the lower resolution) and hope you can appreciate the real colors of the canyon with the interesting patterns.

Stay tune for more photographs from our journey in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah!