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We went up around 7 pm to Dante’s View in Death Valley.  It is nice to photograph towards the end of the day while there is still daylight and the shadows begin to appear.  We were at 5,475 feet altitude, and the temperature was cooling down.  It was breezy at this view point.

I took this photograph since I noticed the big shadow of the hillside ridge.  There is also a shadow from the guard rail.  I love shadows in photographs since it adds dimension to the image.  I used my 400 mm lens to zoom to see this image close up.  I wanted to see the detail of the landscape with the variation of the light and dark in the shrubs, rocks and the earth.  This landscape shows an interesting pattern as we gaze from Dante’s View.

As always, I did not alter the photograph via software, but it is a lower resolution.  When you look at the photograph in a larger and higher resolution, the landscape pattern in the back is even more pronounced than this blog image.

It is nice to sit back and enjoy the scenery patterns.  It reminds me we also should sit back and ponder what are the patterns in our life.  Hopefully our life would reflect a beneficial pattern that others would respect.