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It is always good to enjoy scenery from all aspects.  The top photograph was taken at the top of the Navajo Loop Trail looking down the Wall Street part of the trail.  The top picture seems like a little kingdom or town of hoodoos or a fantasy land from a movie.

We hiked and almost ran down to get to the bottom of the Wall Street trail.  The 2nd photograph shows the bottom of the trail with some of the hoodoos.  You can get a perspective of how tall these rock structures compared to the people near by.  Also I aimed my camera upward to show how high up the hoodoos go.  The people are a fraction of the size compared to the hoodoos.

It is always good to understand where we begin our journey and to appreciate its completion.  We would never appreciate the beauty of the hoodoos if we did not complete the journey to the bottom of the trail to see their great size.  No matter how hard it may seem, we all need to seek to complete the different journeys in life we face.