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Night Games were always great at Candlestick Park.  This photograph was shot on May 20, 1988 from the bleacher seats behind the left field fence.  I was focused on the press box under the bright stadium lights.

The San Francisco Giants beat the Montreal Expos 11-2.  Since then, the Montreal Expos became the Washington Nationals.

As usual, I was walking around Candlestick Park looking for different scenes to shoot. This is my passion to find art in baseball stadiums.  Candlestick Park was my first baseball stadium where I discovered how I could shoot thousands of different photographs of this stadium.  I have only shared a small portion of my Candlestick Park photograph collection.

If you want to see a few of my photographs at Cafe St. Jorge’s in San Francisco, please hurry to take a look.  See the link below for their address.  I will be taking down the photographs this Thursday.

Thank you Cafe St. Jorge for allowing me to show my photographs and photo magnet pins this past month.

Cafe St. Jorge