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This was the view from the top of Candlestick Park in section 55 on the northeast end of the stadium behind right center field for the top photograph. The bottom photograph was taken from section 1 on the south end zone of the stadium or behind home plate. The roof structure was built to help block some of the wind. It was a pretty good climb getting up to the top which was row 23. The north side of the stadium usually did not have many fans seated there for baseball except for play-off/World Series games or weekend Giants vs Dodger series.

I really like the bright orange chairs from the top photograph which I took in the day time.  I also like the glistening bronze glow of the stadium chairs from the night time stadium lights.  The chairs from each photo are from the opposite locations at Candlestick Park.  The types of light and the time of day can make all the difference in the appearance of a photograph.

I found out today that my photographs at Cafe St. Jorge will be up until Friday evening.  If you happen to be in that neighborhood, please go and take a look.  Or you can also catch me taking down the photographs on Friday before the cafe closes.

Thanks again Cafe St. Jorge for the opportunity to show my photographs.

Cafe St. Jorge