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Why is this area also called “Badlands”?  Badlands are a type of dry terrain where softer sedimentary rocks and soils are eroded by wind and water.

We enjoyed looking at the variations of the ridges in this area.  We were fortunate the temperature was not as hot as it could have been.  It was around 90 degrees where it could have been over 100 degrees, when we were there in June.

Zabriskie Point at Death Valley, CA.  The ridges were formed by a combination of volcanic activities, earthquakes, and rainstorms.  The ridges are more pronounced during the late afternoon as the sun is lower on the horizon creating more shadows.

This was a good time to photograph this area.  The shadows at this time of day in Death Valley will show off the dimensions of the ridges versus earlier in the day.  Some people are afraid of shadows in their pictures.  But shadows are important at the right time of day to show the light and dark in art work.  This is called chiaroscuro.

Seek contrast in your photographs to show off the scenic terrain.