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Candlestick Park on May 12, 2015.  It is now completely gone and only lives in our memories.  The Stick received a lot of bad rap because of the cold windy conditions which accompanied many night baseball games for the SF Giants.  Candlestick Park was also one of the oldest stadiums in use before it was torn down, but I have a lot of fond memories going to Giants and 49’er games there and being part of the die hard crowd who did not fear the fierce cold winds and fog that blew in from the Pacific Ocean through the wind tunnel gap on the border of Daly City and San Francisco.

I’m glad I captured a lot of the demolition of Candlestick Park even though it was sad for me to watch.  Watching the bulldozer tear down this beloved stadium was devastating.  But I’m glad I can look back at my old photographs of Candlestick Park to remember the good times watching the SF Giants and the 49er games.