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The sun is peeking out from behind the branches of a Giant Sequoia tree at Merced Grove in Yosemite National Park.  This was a very enjoyable hike with the payoff of seeing some Giant Sequoia trees at the bottom of the hill from the trailhead.

This hike is easy walking downward on a slight sloped path.  It is very relaxing and deceiving.  You do not realize the incline until you return and realize the slope is a little steeper than you anticipated.

The reward of enjoying these Giant Sequoia trees is worth the hike.  Some of them were protected with a wooden fence.  Their roots are sensitive, and there were signs to not step close to the trees.  As we have been enjoying the summer at different National Parks, it is a shame when visitors deface nature.  We are learning to take a breath and break from our busy lives to appreciate the beauty around us.

We really enjoyed looking up at these Giant Sequoia trees with the sun’s rays radianting down.  These trees are a reminder to always look up at the “Light” and to desire progressive growth in our life’s journey.