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Candlestick Park on 4/15/15 viewed from Gate A which was the southside of the stadium. The double decker escalator was partially dismantled during this demolition time.  I really liked the bright red color of the escalator.  It was originally just concrete grey, but was painted red later.

I went up and down this escalator many times while going to SF Giants and 49’ers games. When I went to games there, especially night games, Candlestick Park was cool and windy often, and the stadium was old.  But I always enjoyed watching games at Candlestick Park because I liked the layout of the stadium.  The escalators were a good and fast way to get fans into the stadium from the parking lot.

I’m glad I took the different looks of the Candlestick Park escalators.  I never thought Candlestick Park would be demolished.  But I am glad I can remember these escalators thru my photographs.