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We went to the North Window view in Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation 3 years ago.  This photograph does look like a scene in an old time Western movie.  Monument Valley was used as the location for many Western movies which is why this photograph reminds of the American West.

The tour thru Monument Valley was fun and a little dusty.  I can understand why cowboys might wear masks just to keep the dust off their face as they rode and not just to disguise themselves during a robbery. We went in the spring time, so it was not as hot as it could be.  It was fun to hear about the different movies that were filmed there – for example – Stagecoach starring John Wayne and 2001: A Space Odyssey.  There is a long list of films which utilized the picturesque – Monument Valley.

The geography of the buttes is also interesting with the different layers, and it is fun to think about what the buttes look like.

As we look at scenic sights, it is fun to let our imaginations go to think about stories which could have happened at these locations.

As always, we enjoy real photography which is untouched.