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I love “Fall”.  When I photographed this image, I was in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and happened to be there during the one week where Fall Foliage was at its peak.  Being from California, I never saw such brilliant colors during the fall.  It was also the start of a greater fascination with fall colors.

I like this center leaf with the variation of colors – bright red, yellow, and dark spots. It is interesting that each leaf is unique in design just as the uniqueness of an individual’s finger print.

I look forward to Fall every year now.  Last year, I missed the peak of fall foliage in Colorado.  But I still loved the bare Aspen tree forests.  This year, I will also be seeking to find more fall foliage.  Stay tuned to see what I will find!

As always, be assured this photograph is untouched and real!