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I took this photograph at the height of fall foliage in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. I was so excited seeing all the bright fall colors and took so many photographs.  Every time I review these photographs I see something new.

I am intrigued by the shadow on this Sugar Maple Leaf.  I like the shadow on the leaf because of the interesting design, and the contrast it gives to the picture.  I am not sure where this shadow came from.  It may be from another leaf.

I also love the bright red colors on this leaf.  In California, the leaves never seem to be as bright as what I saw in Canada!  It amazes me how brilliant this red orange leaf is.

What do you get excited about?  I keep fallling in love with fall, and it’s colors!  I’m excited fall is coming, and am looking forward to my future search for more fall colors.

I love keeping it real by sharing my photographs which are untouched!