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I was walking along the shores of Lake Louise in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, and saw a couple canoeing across the lake. The red canoe really stood out while gliding on top of the glacial turquoise water in the lake.  I also like the peaceful still water.

There is also a lighter color streak between the land and the water.  I admired the color combination in this photograph.  So I automatically shot a bunch of pictures since the colors were perfect together.  I am not sure what caused the lighter color streak between the land and the water.  It could be a reflection from the sunlight, but I was too busy taking the pictures to investigate where the streak came from.

Whenever I photograph a unique and interesting scene, I am anxious to keep shooting before the lighting or something in the scene changes.

My rule is always to strive to be quick to photograph a scene.  Once we lose a particular moment, we can never get it back again.  The best way to “get it back again” is with a picture.

Be assured this photograph and color is real and untouched!