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We went to visit Athabasca Glacier in Jaspar National Park in July 2013.  During our tour of the Canadian Rockies, we mostly enjoyed summer weather until we came to the glacier.  We were prepared with warmer clothes and gloves so we could walk on the glacier.

This is the only place on Earth where there are 3 rivers which flow into 3 oceans – the Pacific, Atlantic and the Arctic.  The part of the glacier we were able to walk on was to the left of this photograph.  We were not allowed to walk on this section.  The glacier is slowly melting, it is receding 5 meters a year.  One day in another generation, this glacier could be gone.

Here the sky was gray and not too clear.  So this picture is a little dark due to the lack of natural lighting, and the weather.  Probably most photographers would use software to lighten and improve the picture.

This photograph is real and reflects this particular day when we visited Athabasca Glacier.  It was truly an experience to see this huge glacier which has a long history of existence.