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These slot canyons are very interesting to look at with the layered walls.  This is a relaxing hike compared to Antelope Canyon since there is little people traffic.  We encountered 3 parties of people while we hiked.

It was a hot day, but it was cool in the canyon.  Even though we went around the middle of the day, the lighting was good since we were in shaded areas of the canyon.

I would have like to use a tripod for these shots since there were parts of the canyon which were a little dark.  With a tripod, I could have used a lower ISO to get better shots.

I do like this shot because of the contrast with the sunlight coming in from the top with the patterns in the canyon walls.  The rocks around the middle left almost look like they are glowing with sunlight.

Thank you for looking at my photographs which are real and untouched.