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Yes there is a Natural Artist’s Palette in the multi-colored badlands in Death Valley National Park.  We visited Death Valley, California this past June.  We drove on Artist’s Drive and enjoyed the multi-colored claystones from the ancient ashfalls.

The first photograph was shot with a wide angle lens.  The 2nd and 3rd photographs were shot with my zoom lens.

I really like the natural color combination in the 2nd photograph.  The shadow in the 3rd photograph resembles someone’s shadow hand puppet.  I don’t know where that shadow really came from.

As I was at one spot shooting these badlands, someone asked me to take his picture.  He noticed my camera equipment and assumed I was a photographer.  We enjoyed a nice time talking with “Eric”, from Phoenix, about the wonderful scenery, his camping vacation, and the various locations he visited.  We encountered Eric a couple of times later as we both stopped at different spots on Artist’s Drive.

It was fun to view the Artist’s Palette formations and share the experience with our family and another friendly outdoor enthusiast.

Eric – Hope you will be able to look at my website to enjoy the pictures the Artist’s Palette.

Please enjoy the true and untouched colors of my Artist’s Palette photographs!