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These 2 photographs are fascinating views from one location at two different altitudes.  The view from the top looks like it could be from space.  The temperature is also much cooler up at Dante View compared to Badwater Basin.

We first went to walk at the Badwater Basin on the salt flats.  Some tourists cannot resist leaving a message or their names on the salt flats.  This is the lowest elevation in North America.

We then drove up above to Dantes View to look down at Badwater Basin.  I, of course, used my big zoom lens.  If you look at the narrow white path going down to the bottom of the photograph, this is the white path in the 2nd picture where people are walking.  They are both the same picture of the salt flats but from two different altitudes.

In the first photo, the white silhouette looks like a tree with branches spreading out.

We’re glad to visit the different terrains and scenery, since it refreshed our perspective.  It is nice for us to look back at these photographs to remind us what we saw.

Hope you can also appreciate this scenery and the real untouched views.