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337 – Exterior of Candlestick Park photographed from Lot E. Pedestrian access was easy as there were plenty of escalators and entrances to enter the ballpark. Parking in the main lot was convenient as it was a short walk to the stadium. But if you stayed to watch the end of a close game, it took a long time to get out of the lot.

I took this photograph in the late 1980’s in Parking Lot E.  This is an iconic photograph of the Candlestick Park stadium.  It is interesting to see the “vintage” cars in the parking lot.

My Candlestick Park photos were the first collection of photos I took during my college years.  They represent my decision to become a photographer and to major in Fine Art photography.  I was taking photography course work at College of San Mateo and later at the Academy of Art College during this time as I was shooting at Candlestick Park.

These images represent my love of baseball, Candlestick Park and photography. This is a big reason why these photographs are so important to me.

Hope you also can share your love of Candlestick Park with your comments in my blog.

This photograph is real and untouched other than removing any dust marks from the scanning of my black and white negative to create the digital file.