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Welcome to the exit corridor from the Upper Box level in the right field stands area of Candlestick Park.  It was interesting to look down the corridor and see the sunlight streaming in from the opening leading to the upper box seats.  This exit corridor looks almost endless.

Are those ghost figures seen in the middle of this exit corridor photograph?  The answer is “No”.

I took this photograph with my camera on a tripod and did a long exposure which explains the ghosting effect of the people walking into the picture during the long exposure.  There were people who walking into the corridor from the left in the middle where you see the “ghosting” effect caused by the long exposure.  The corridor was fairly dark and I was not using high speed film.  So I had to use a tripod to get a clear picture of the corridor.

Unfortunately Candlestick Park is gone, and I cannot go back to take more interesting and artistic photographs.

The special ghosting effect was not added via any software, and is the actual photograph I took over 25 years ago.